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Good for your plants and good for the world!

Worm Casting Fertilizer, Garden Worms, Fishing Worms

100% Organic Worm Castings

The GCWR is a locally owned company headquartered in Semmes, Alabama. The farm now has over 100,000 worms producing organic fertilizer or castings. Our primary product is organic fertilizer. Other products include a compost / worm casting mixture, and night crawler worms for garden and fish bait.

Gulf Coast Worm Ranch produces the best fertilizer at the lowest price with no impact on the environment!

Gulf Coast Worm Ranch
8255 Brackett Lane
Semmes, AL 36575


Hours of Operation:
9AM – 5 PM

Our Products

Organic Worm Casting Fertilizer

Worm castings are a safe, high quality, all organic means to fertilize plants of all kinds.  Casting nutrients exist in a bioavailable form meaning they are readily available for efficient use by plants. 

Garden Worms

Worms are a wonderful addition to your flower or vegetable garden. Worms provide lasting benefits by supplying natural castings but also via and aeration of the soil for maximum plant health.

Fishing Worms

Worms are the universal fish bait. Night crawlers attract fish beyond compare. Bass, bream, catfish, crappy and mullet are just a few of the target species when using these organic worms for bait.

About Us

The GCWR is the brainchild of Fred Brackett. For years Fred managed nearly 100 bee hives harvesting over 5000 pounds of honey yearly. He was ready for a change and with the encouragement of his wife Jackie, Fred researched worm farming. Fred understood the potential and need for organic fertilizer as well as a market for the worms. After identifying a vendor Fred asked his friend John Wilson to partner with him in the business. Fred and Jackie along with John and Esther Wilson are pursuing this venture and recognize the potential market for their products.

Years of Experience
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Our Worms

Our worms are grown and housed in a controlled environment with set parameters of temperature, humidity and moisture. Every effort is made to standardize the bedding material and at all times it is 100% organic. The worms are fed a proprietary blend of ground grains especially formulated to allow worms to thrive.

The ranch is situated on a 40 acre home site replete with vegetable gardens and fruit trees. The worms are housed in a climate and humidity controlled barn. All conditions are manipulated to be ideal worm habitat and as a result the worms thrive. Surrounding the barn are piles of organic material in varying states of decomposition. This organic material is shredded and then used as bedding for the worms. The worms are fed a proprietary blend of ground grains and monitored for growth and health. The castings are extracted, the cocoons are separated and the grown worms are placed back in new bedding to start the process again. The cocoons are processed to grow new worms, and the castings are stored and prepared for marketing.

  • Safe, Nontoxic and Odorless
  • No worry about over application
  • No license necessary
  • No associated nitrogen runoff unlike commercial fertilizers
  • Natural repellent for many insects and fungi
  • Nutrients in bioavailable form
  • Premium quality – ground grain fed worms
  • All organic bedding
  • Ideal for top dressing, broadcast fertilization or potting mixture