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Garden Worms

100% Organic Worms

Worms are a wonderful addition to your flower or vegetable garden.   In the long run adding living worms to your garden will provide lasting benefits not only by supplying natural castings but also via aeration of the soil for maximum plant health.

Worms only eat the dead organic material. They will not damage live plants.  Not only will the worms supply fresh castings they will also lay eggs or cocoons providing for future generations of worms further enriching your garden soil. As the worms burrow thru the soil they provide aeration and the ability of the soil to hold moisture.  Both of these factors enrich the soil environment.

Shop our garden worms.

GCWR offers 3 sizes of Worm Casting Fertilizer bags.  Whether you need a bulk shipment, or you are needing a few bags for around your own garden, we have you covered.