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Organic Worm Casting Fertilizer

100% Organic Worm Castings

Worm castings – a genteel way to say worm poop – are a safe, high quality, all organic means to fertilize plants of all kinds. The nutrients in the castings exist in a bioavailable form meaning they are readily available for efficient use by plants. This allows low concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorous in the fertilizer minimizing runoff which is extremely harmful to our waterways and oceans.

Why are Gulf Coast Worm Ranch castings the best?

  • Quality night crawler worms
  • Proprietary ground grain feeding formula
  • Organic bedding material processed on site
  • Strictly regulated environment in regards to light, humidity, moisture, pH, and temperature.


Worm Casting Facts

  • Safe, nontoxic and odorless
  • Contain microbes that repel insects, fungi, and bacteria
  • Low concentration but high availability of essential nutrients including nitrates, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
  • Near neutral pH
  • Cannot be overdosed, will not burn plants or their roots.
  • Contain plant hormones that stimulate growth of plant roots
  • No license necessary
  • No associated nitrogen runoff unlike commercial fertilizers
  • Premium quality ground grain fed worms
  • All organic bedding
  • Ideal for top dressing, broadcast fertilization or potting mixture

Castings are a fantastic fertilizer for your lawn and garden. They have been termed plant superfood. There is a faint and not unpleasant odor. They are a nontoxic all organic fertilizer for plants. Castings contain microorganisms which fight off plant diseases and fungi.

The Results

With Organic Worm Castings, you will be amazed at the results you see in your plants.

Frequently Ask Questions

Worm Castings-Organic fecal material of a worm.  We raise high quality, healthy worms and produce the finest organic worm castings in the world.

Shop our Worm Castings for your needs.

GCWR offers 3 sizes of Worm Casting Fertilizer bags.  Whether you need a bulk shipment, or you are needing a few bags for around your own garden, we have you covered.